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(08/31/15) - Ephesians 3:14-21 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

14 For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, 15 from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name, 16 that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, 19 and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.

20 Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, 21 to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.

We Love You in Christ,
Sally & Terry

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Archived Blog Entries

(06/19/15) - "A Line in the Sand"

When the Roman guards came by night to forcibly and wrongfully arrest Jesus...Peter, His friend, drew his sword (there were no guns yet) and cut off one of the soldier's ears. Jesus promptly replaced and healed the ear and told Peter to "put away your weapon Peter, for those who live by the sword - will die by the sword."

Kinda tough medicine for those who live by the "cold dead hands" credo! But then He was the same Man who said "if they slap your right cheek, turn also the left"...and "Give to those who ask" and "If they sue you for your coat, give them your shirt also!" Jesus said we were to live like His Father, who is merciful and good to the wicked as well as the righteous. Finally - it was after that sermon that Jesus stated, "Why do you call me Lord and do not the things I say?"

It may cost us everything, and endanger our mortal lives...but we are resolved to dedicate the rest of our days to what Jesus said - starting with the Sermon on the Mount. (Luke 6:20-49)

Watch us, Judge us, test us or join us, but we're finding very little power or influence "on the fence." This "I'll fight to the death for what's mine" mentality is also doing little to impress a lost and decaying society for, Jesus Name's sake.

(06/16/15) - "You Expect Me to Do WHAT?"

When we read Galatians 2:20 where Paul say's he is crucified with Christ...have we determined that to be allegorical? To some degree, I know I had...until the Lord enlightened it to me along with the instructions given us at the sermon on the mount.

In today's video we look at how the ultimate sacrifice that was made for us...was also demanded OF us! Only through our very own death...can we expect to experience the Life Christ promised...and not just the physical death! I know it sounds radical - but we serve an Awesome God! Join us, we can do this together.

(06/15/15) - "It's All a Matter of the Heart"

It seems we spend our whole lives trying to better ourselves. Whether as a parent, a spouse or even as a Christian. Could it be we're fighting a losing battle? Many would readily answer a resounding, yet pessimistic, "YES!" Others would optimistically declare, "Never say Die!" We can always come back, better and stronger.

It was the Apostle Paul who declared, The things I wish I did...I don't do...and the very things I try not to do, I end up doing! Sounds disgustingly familiar! God knows us better than we know ourselves...not just me - but the common weakness of all mankind, and He made a perfect provision for our shortcomings. All He requires is that we stop trying to fix ourselves and allow His Holy Spirit to live in us...something that—as we mentioned yesterday—sounds foolish to most. It is this very foolishness that we discuss again in today's video and how it makes so very much sense once we succumb to it.

Join us for a heartfelt plea to surrender to your Maker! We'll read from Romans Chapter 3 in the New Living Translation about how this whole plan is for YOU and me! No books to buy, no courses to enroll, just get your Bible and cry out to the One who Loves you.

(06/14/15) - "This Foolish Plan...WORKS!"

In a world of people trying to find a way to God, we have a God Who paid the ultimate price to reach US! Making it even more mind-boggling, there's nothing we can do, performance-wise to get us any closer to Him...He's already done it for us! Strangely—even though He's already made provision for us—many will still suffer eternal separation from Him for simply not appropriating the provision He has made. Sounds foolish, huh? That's what the apostle Paul said!

ONLY by believing...fully placing our faith in the promise that God has already paid for our redemption can we experience new life. As foolish as it may sound, when we humbly bow before this unseen God, by faith and surrender our efforts and allow Him to commandeer our very life, He will begin a work in us that He is committed to complete! Your life will be miraculously transformed into an image of His own Son, and you can experience the same freedom from sin and shame that Sally & I are experiencing! Foolish? It may sound that way to some...but to those of us being saved, daily... it is a clear demonstration of the power of God to take back and restore to life his precious creation - US...His beloved children!

Join us in 1 Corinthians chapter one and Romans chapter 5 as we discover and uncover the miracle of New Life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

(06/12/15) - "God's Will?"

OK...so if what I pray for is God's will, He'll answer - right? How am I supposed to know His will, and IF it is His will already, won't it happen automatically?

If you're a parent with kids who have ever asked you for anything...then you should realize how foolish all of those perfectly rational questions actually sound! God is our Father - and Jesus told us while walking the earth that, if we being of an evil nature know how to give good gifts to our children...how much more will our Father in Heaven give us all good things.

As always, it all boils down to trust! In today's video we're gonna back up a few verses and get a running start at Romans 8:28. It seems to be one of the most and most mis-used verses out there, though not necessarily with bad intentions. Let's look together at what God is saying and how He feels toward us - His beloved adopted children. What an encouraging Word of Hope!

(06/11/15) - "The Bread of Life"

After going 40 days without eating or drinking anything, the first thing the devil tempted Him with was eating! Jesus told the tempter, "Man shall not live by bread along, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God!" Pardon the pun, but that is a MOUTH FULL!

The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119...interestingly it is about the Word of God, itself! We'll touch on only two stanzas of this vastly overlooked gem, that make us so hungry for more of the Word, that we want to stop this blog right now and consume some more of the Word! Join us as we whet our appetites for the Bread of Life that proceeds directly from the mouth of the Father. What a priviledge to have it! If you don't recognize how wonderful It is...PLEASE join us for the video and hopefully you'll develope the same hunger. "Now...Let's eat!'

(06/10/15) - "How Am I To Give Thanks?"

The believer has so much to be thankful for. If we don't realize that...or if we're presently focused on problems, sometimes "gratitude" seems to fade off into the distance—and that's just what the enemy wants! If God's people should be known for anything it should be LOVE (That one was commanded) but the other distinguishing characteristic we should all have is our thankfulness! We're the ones who've been SAVED!

In today's "Words of Hope" we'll read from the New American Standard Bible - Psalm 116. The Psalmist reflects on a time when God miraculously answered a prayer, and he drew upon that past prayer to encourage himself to make the sacrifice of prayer again...and boy does it work!?! Remember, it's easy to be happy and thankful when everything is going great, but it's when we're in the valleys of life that we need to let our Light shine brightest, among a world of folks stumbling around in that very darkness. "Thank you Lord, for letting us have this beautiful Word to share with each other...as well as the time!

(06/09/15) - "FREE Food & Drink"

We've heard it said, "There ain't no free lunch..." (as Sally cringes at the English) but in today's Scripture passage, we find there indeed IS a free lunch, that is, in fact more satisfying than anything we'll ever dine on here!

One of the biggest points of focus of this ministry right now, is to prayerfully try to draw as many of us as possible—as close as we possibly can—to the "Walk in the Spirit" described - of the believer, in the Word. If we read our Bibles honestly, most of us would have to admit that we are still quite "carnal!" Admitting that does not mean that it's OK either! That's why we're here...amen?

As we continually work toward "Thinking on things of Heaven and not on things of Earth" - today we'll share the very encouraging 55th Chapter of Isaiah. If you would like to read along, we'll be reading from the New Living Translation. Now...let's get FULL on the Spiritual food that our Father wants to feed us with!

(06/08/15) - "What's Real and Worth Our Thoughts?"

Bad Moods, hard days and waking up on the wrong side of the bed are no strangers to any of us. Many of the things that ruin your better days, anyone would sympathize are indeed bummers...but God is calling us to live on another level—a level where the things that affect the good or bad in a fallen world are not capable of reaching the child of God!

If that sounds a little far-fetched...it is! In fact it is impossible if we walk according to the flesh, or the "natural man" but we are called and most equipped not only face, but overcome ANYTHING our spiritual adversaries and a fallen world may throw at us!

Join us today as we read from 1 Corinthians, chapter 2 and recall what true Wisdom is and where the Believer's actual Hope really lies!

(06/05/15) - "The greatest gift you NEVER earned!"

Isn't it strange - we would all like something great for nothing...but as sure as something of value comes to us, or is made available to us, we become determined to PAY FOR IT!

For ages, man has struggled to reach God, and for ages saints have been preaching that Christ offers a FREE GIFT of being in the Father's presence...still yet we allow our need to earn—sometimes—to prevent us from enjoying His presence at all!

Join us today, again in the 4th and 5th Chapters of Romans, as we continue to soak in the wonderful Truth of the blessed free Gift of God's rich Salvation.

(06/04/15) - "SPEAK LIFE!!"

The enemy comes but to steal, kill and destroy...one of the ways he does that is to pervert the usage of Scriptures, as he did with Jesus when he was tempting Him. Today, Christian TV is filled with, sometimes well-meaning (sometimes not) preachers and evangelists using the promises of God to line pockets! Notice I didn't say their pockets... Sometimes these principles are just as effective in finances, career and even health as in their intended usages, but that doesn't mean it is good for us to use them that way.

Join us today via video as we look at Proverbs 18:21 and realize how God has provided for us, the very tools we need to achieve holiness, by-in-large through the words we speak! He created the Heavens and Earth with His Word...and He created us in His image! Speak Life!

(06/02/15) - "WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHTS?"

I was raised a "Good Texan" with my guns, my knowledge of how and when I could use them and I've always taken pride in how well I could defend my rights and/or the rights of those I fought for. Today's reading of the Lord's words in Luke make...no, they FORCE me to re-think everything!

(06/01/15) - "THE ACTUAL MIRACLE"

Imagine offering a 4 year old child their choice between a certificate for 1000 shares of Wal-Mart stock, or an ice cream cone! Today we look at a new angle of a story we've heard many times where Jesus healed someone, AFTER proclaiming their sins were forgiven. I never really considered before that Jesus actually gave the fullness of all gifts, eternal to the paralytic, but then in order to quiet the skeptics and naysayers gave him wellness for the remaining years of his earthly life.

In so many ways, nothing has changed. We are offered the greatest Gift imaginable, but sadly even many who have received it still grope desperately and greedily for "what else" we can get while in this life. Join us for a different look at Luke chapter 5 as we celebrate the Greatest Gift ever given!

(05/31/15) - "DO I WANT TO HEAR HIS VOICE?"

One of the scariest things we can say...or hear someone else say is, "Well, MY God doesn't require or say this or that!" In reality, there is only ONE God, and what He has to say on various issues of our lives is pretty clear and documented for all who chose to see it.

Today we'll take an honest look, together into the Word of God at the subject of actually choosing to see and hear what our Loving, caring Heavenly Father has to say about our welfare. He Loves us, you know...and He wants only what is best for us!

(05/29/15) - "BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE"

In James chapter 4, we're advised that our lives, or our time spent here is but a vapor in the scheme of things. Even those who are young and strong aren't promised a tomorrow. There are several reasons to take the value in this passage, whether it is our own commitment to Christ and the condition of our "spiritual-self" or the eternal destiny of those we love and hope to influence.

Join us for today's video as we seek an inward urgency that will lead us to a closer walk with our Savior and cause us to be more recognizable as God's very Representatives of His Love, here in this fallen world.

(05/28/15) - "THE WORDS IN RED"

We are firm believers in the Word of God...ALL of it - as inspired and perfect - with no errors whatsoever, and the parts that seem to contradict each other, in reality do not! ANY document of such length will have different subjects dealt with in a way that could appear contradictory...until put to the test! The Word of God is Alive and the true believer learns that, the more they indulge into it!

Anyway, the point is, even though it is ALL God-breathed...some put special emphasis on the "Words in Red" because they are the words that Jesus, Himself spoke. Well, in reality—He spoke them all...through the Holy Spirit—but the very people who like to quote the "Words in Red" as their own should read them all! We tend to think of the Words of Jesus as softer, sweeter and doled out while serving free fishes and loaves... Well today, we share together some of those lovely "Words in Red" and try to maintain our composure at the end! The gentle carpenter who preached these Words is King of kings and Lord of lords and He will hold us all responsible for what we do with them until His return.

Prayerfully join us today as we read from Luke 12, in the King James version first and then in the New Living Translation. Really good stuff...but not for the carnal believer or the faint of heart. Let's dig in!

(05/27/15) - "I....AM A FRIEND OF GOD?"

There's just something really refreshing and encouraging in realizing that I am the favor of God's attention! When I focus my mind, my desires and MY Faith on what He has already done for me, I am transformed!

Join us for a humbling and especially encouraging reading from Romans. We'll touch on parts of Chapters 3, 4 and 5. "YOU are a friend of God!" (...and if you're not, you certainly can be!)

(05/25/15) - "MY MOTIVATION?"

We all know we're not supposed to do our good works to be seen by men, but when Jesus said that...somehow, like so many of the other valuable things He taught us, we seem to "soften" or "simplify" what He said. But when He taught that lesson, He also made a point to let us see Him practice what He preached.

In today's video we'll look at two passages of Scripture that shows the "sermon" Jesus preached and we'll also see how He "practiced" the same message—strangely, we'd never noticed this comparison before. We hope you enjoy...and comment back to us!

(05/24/15) - "I WANT TO BECOME A CHRISTIAN..."

PLEASE share this timeless, message with your friends and family who may be doubting or wishing to become followers of Christ. We have such a short time here on the Earth and we spend so much time on things that will mean nothing at the end—let's be sensitive to those who may be silently looking for something more, after all, IF we have something more, it is our mandate to share it.

Today's video uses the Words of Christ, Himself to describe what is necessary and expected of those wanting to follow Him through the strait gate along the narrow path to His Father's Kingdom. May God bless the reading of His Word.

(05/23/15) - "JUST GO WITH IT!"

We've spoken a number of times together about how Jesus said it would be if we followed Him. We know that a LOT of what He said is not only hard, and disturbing, but we also know that if we're honest - our present society makes us literal outcasts if we bring our lives inline with what He prescribed.

When we were young we made declarations like, "I don't care what anyone thinks...I've made my mind!" And "THIS is my decision, so you can either get onboard or walk away." Strangely, those are basically the statements Jesus used when he called His disciples. "Let the dead bury their own dead," "If you are lukewarm (straddling the fence) I will spew you from My mouth!" And "If you put your hand to the plow and look back...you're not fit for the Kingdom of God!"

We're asking ourselves, and those of you who sense the Holy Spirit in our visits together to go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him if He's not calling us, through His unsearchable patience and lovingkindness, YET AGAIN to make such declarations. Time is short! Whether Jesus' return is eminent or whether we look at the remainder of time we each have left here...TIME IS SHORT. Let's make up our minds to sell out to the message of the Master, count the inevitable costs and "JUST GO WITH IT!" He is with us...and we will be with each other! We hope to hear from YOU...just click on the "Email Me" button below to send us a direct message.

(05/22/15) - "YOU EMBARRASS ME!"

We all know that flushed feeling we get when something makes us feel really "out of place" or awkward... But have we ever considered that that was the price we agreed to pay when we supposedly counted the costs, and decided to surrender our lives and become "Christ-Like?"

Today, we'll again look at some more of the Words of Jesus, Himself as He laid out the acid test as to whether or not we are actually on the narrow Path that leads through the strait into His Kingdom or are we being fooled, and actually comfortably strolling down the broad, good-feeling path to destruction!

"Lord, give us each enough courage to face the Truth and please remove the veil from our eyes that we may see Your Face and hear Your call!"

(05/21/15) - "FOR REAL???"…

We love to quote the first 3 verses of Colossians Chapter 3 where Paul encourages believers to "Think about the things of heaven...and NOT the things of Earth!" Naturally we can see how that would make us more spiritually-minded, but living in a very pressing world makes THIS world pretty hard to get out of our minds...right?

Today we're gonna share "The end of the story" as it were, from the The Book of Revelation. If you'll bear with us through this read, we promise...it'll definitely give you some "heavenly things" to dwell on - in fact, you may find some of them hard to get OUT of your mind! You're welcomed! ;-)

Please consider sharing this and all our times together with your friends and family. It may only be on the Internet now, but one day we'll be face to Face, and we'd like to spend as much time with you as possible until then...even if only online!


When the most earnest of pilgrams are diligently seeking God, it's not uncommon for them to cry out, "Lord, PLEASE...just give me a Word!" What most of us don't want to accept is that He already has...IN His Word!

We believe that God still supernaturally speaks to people today, and yes—even audibly if He so desires, but the most common way to hear from Him is in His Word; The Holy Bible! There is a good reason so few Christians regularly read their Bibles...there is a vested enemy making sure they have a "bag full" of excuses!

We hope, over the next few weeks to create in us all, a deeper longing and hunger for getting into the Word of God—and getting the Word of God into us. Please feel encouraged to share the video with others and invite others to join us each day for more Words of Hope.

(05/19/15) - "...how do I WALK IN THE SPIRIT?"…

As "Christians" we are actually carrying a name that implies we are "like Christ!" Wow, some folks may not realize that…or maybe they do and that's why we get so uncomfortable talking about our Christianity.

When we're Born Again—we are supposed to be, literally—Born All Over! Jesus described in John Chapter 3 to Nicodemus, we are to be 'Born of the Spirit!' A New Life. Then as we go deeper into the Scripture we find the new life shouldn't even resemble the old one.

Join us in today's presentation as we try to take a palatable assessment of our "spirituality." Most of us would admit we need work on that area of our lives. What we're looking for is a band of believers who'll join us in; not only recognizing a weakness in our spirituality, but who'll bond together in accountability...and forge forward into a new realm of Christlike-ness. You in?

(05/18/15) - "Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight!"…

As we all face Giants in our prayer life, we have to realize that in order to be effective we have to equip ourselves with the proper weapons of war—and learn how to use those weapons. Casual religion has pretty much gotten prayer down to "believing hard enough, giving plentifully, and not giving up." The Scriptures tell us another story—It's ALL SPIRITUAL!

When we're born again, that is exactly what is supposed to happen…being born again—of the Spirit—and when that happens and we begin to hunger for and learn the Word of God we realize there is another whole cosmos in which the strings are being pulled that affect the things we SEE happening before us. The only way to battle or enhance those happenings in the spirit world is through the Spirit!

Join us in today's video as we explore "The Battle," "The Weapons" and the "Conduct" of Born-Again, Children of the Most High God! You'll wanna have something to write with as there are a few very beneficial Scripture references you will benefit from.

(05/17/15) - "A Firm Grip On My Own Bootstraps!"…

What am I supposed to do when I, frankly…Just don't feel like praising the Lord? The short answer is; "Praise the Lord Anyway!" And yes, we know that is not easy…but it is effective!

The Bible tells us when he was down, "David encouraged himself in the LORD his God." (—1 Samuel 30:6b) Sometimes we have to force ourselves to call to memory, the good things God has done for us in the past, in order to get excited about the fact the He will continue to care for us in the future! Know how, when you start thinking about someone who's done you wrong…it only takes a short time to get a good "mad" worked up—well it's the same way when we begin to speak words of gratitude and Faith in times of discouragement and depression. It works, as sure as God's Word is True!

Join us today as we look at "Living according to the Spirit" rather than walking in the flesh. One leads to Life eternal and the other draws us into death. God has made ALL provision, now let us put forth the concerted effort to obey the instructions that He, so clearly laid out in His Word. You can do it…we know you can! (...and He said you can!)


We are living in a "Hyper Politically Correct" society. As Christians, for many of us this is exactly where our persecution will begin…if indeed we're obedient to our commitment. Our Master was NOT politically correct at all. When He drove the money changers from the temple, or when he told the crowd that they must "eat His flesh and drink His blood…" or when he told the church leaders, "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to." (Matthew 23:13)

We do not need to be rude, but by the same token we do need to learn to speak up and say what we believe—and believe in what we say! The world (our society in particular) is being lulled into numbness as they literally perish and slide into eternal darkness, and yet in the name of political correctness, we hold back on proclaiming the Answer! We have GOOD NEWS!

Most interestingly, Sally & I have found that most times when we just swallow the lump in our throat and say exactly what the Lord has placed on our heart - it is received, often through tear-filled eyes! When I was a kid, things were "groovy" then as I got older things were "cool," then "bad," today, somehow to express the same appreciation, kids say things are "sic!" That's all in a period of 30 or 40 years, and yet the Word of the Living God, and His timeless prescription for eternal Life has NEVER changed a bit—AND it's still changing lives today! As I once heard on a broadcast set, "Just read the copy…the copy is good!"

If you're born from above, then face it…this world is NOT YOUR HOME! You ARE different, but if you'll be free in your New Life, you'll find yourself more relevant in a dark, dark world, than you ever imagined!

(05/15/15) -YOU HAVE TO BE "BORN AGAIN!"…

The apostle Peter wrote in the 1st chapter of his first letter, that the prophets of ancient days had sought eagerly to see the day when Messiah would come and usher in this “New Way” of living that we are now privileged to experience. Isn’t it sad that so many of us take the gift—that we assume we have—so for granted?

In our read today, we see how Peter described some "earmarks" of the Faith. The Promise, for most comes slowly, with their commitment by faith in what Christ promised to do. Some people however, are suddenly transformed…like—overnight! These folks especially need the nurturing and support of their new "family" of believers. If you're not sure you are a part of the eternal Family of God, today is the best day to get that taken care of!

We'll go to John, chapter 3 and see a very religious, savvy, teacher of Scripture who comes to Jesus—by night—to see what it is that's missing in his life. The description and instructions that Jesus gave him, amount to the same prescription for us today:  "You must be born again!" Once you're born of the Spirit, this world is no longer your home. You can make this decision right now…Jesus is still changing lives today, and He wants to change yours!

"Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when Christ shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is."1 John 3:2

We Love You in Christ,
Sally & Terry


It doesn't matter who you are or how spiritual you may feel you have become, we're ALL subject to those certain attacks that seem to deflate us like an old tire. We begin to feel worthless, alienated and forsaken… Sound familiar? It should, the one initiating these attacks on you has been watching you since you were a child! Our old enemy patiently waits for just the right time to attack, and if you're like me it's usually right at a time I'm willing to partially agree with some of his lies. Maybe when I' tired, or hungry, or when something disturbing has been brought to my attention.

This is exactly why we want to meet with you each day. The enemy wants to divide and conquer, but he can't do that if we make a point to stay in close proximity with other believers and set up safeguards to keep our minds on things above. We need to remind each other of WHO WE ARE—IN CHRIST!

Join us in Ephesians, chapters 1 & 2 as we accept some of the prayers and blessings the apostle Paul had for the believers in Ephesus. By the time we get through this video, you'll have to make a conscious decision to remain in defeat—because you're gonna know you're not a defeated child! Rise up and walk, in the victory that was so fully paid on your behalf, you child of the Most High God!

Can you imagine walking with Jesus…actually walking in step with him, day after day for several years and one day saying something, and having Him reveal that our heart is WAY in the wrong place?

It would be easy to say the example above was before the Holy Spirit indwelt the disciples, but if we're honest, He could easily say the same thing to us today in many circumstances that we face regularly. The Scriptures are harshly revealing, but cleansing, as we see just how differently the Father views the "mean, careless, ungodly" people around us. BTW…wasn't that US just a vapor ago?

Today's video will feature passages in Luke 9, Hebrews 10 and 12 and Psalm 145. Please join us for our "always less than 20 minute" video, and prayerfully consider sharing it with a friend as we grow this fledgling, new ministry!

(05/12/15) - I'M SUPPOSED TO LOVE WHO???
We didn't get an opportunity to record a video today as we were both out of the office (in different places) all day. We miss you and it feels funny not to have communicated with you on a weekday - BUT there certainly was a lot to share and we hope you'll be standing by for tomorrow's visit...and I'm sure today's message will have some mileage on it!

We spoke Monday about the fact that we were made for God's pleasure. God really DOES take pleasure in watching us—His creation. Sometimes we get to thinking that He's as upset with the events and tragedies of the day as we are, but that's not what the Bible indicates. We know His heart breaks for the hurting and that He's always watching over us, but we must remember that Jesus has already absorbed the shock of all of the evil, all of the sin all of the selfishness going on in the world, and in these "Last Days," the Father sees His creation under the blood of His Son, and He is concerned about EVERYONE! (Psalm 145:9) THAT is why He can still offer a forgiving hand to, not only me and you, but also the murderer who's seeking their next victim, the abuser who is actively wreaking havoc on helpless souls, and yes, even terrorists killing our brothers and sisters for not denying their Faith!!! God's judgement has been handed over to the Son, who chose to accept ALL sin for ALL time! Our job is to make that Grace REAL to those who need it most. Judgement has indeed been given over to the Son, and if you've read the end of the BOOK then you realize that judgement is coming and it will be swift and final, but He's delaying it, that more can take advantage of the wonderful Gift He has so graciously lavished upon us! GLORY TO HIS HOLY NAME!!! He alone is worthy of our praise!

OK, here is the angle He's been "springing" on Sally & me today... I have to realize that God is actively Loving the offender right now—as much as He is Loving the offended, and as His ambassador, I must set self aside and allow Christ to Love them THROUGH ME! Loving the offenders—THAT'LL get the world's attention! Especially if we allow the Holy Spirit to do it through us (which is the only way that will ever achieve His will.) I'm finding the way He's "breaking us into this concept" is by using the offenders who offended...US! Then as we see His Love in action, we will become more and more like the One who bought us, "while we were yet sinners!"

If the Return of our Master tarries—we'll make every effort to see you all, right here again tomorrow afternoon. Good night and God bless you!

(05/11/15) - WHAT AM I HERE FOR???
Ever just wondered why you were born? What is my purpose for living...is there even really a reason for my being alive? Absolutely, YES! Even if you feel nobody loves you, and you're all alone. You—like everything else—were created FOR Him!

When God finished with each day's creation, in the beginning of the Bible, He stated, "It Is GOOD!" Sure, the devil comes to whisper in our ears that we are no good, and that we are a disappointment to the Almighty, but we know that he is a liar!

Today we'll discuss simple keys of Faith from God's Word, that will give you the assurance He wants you to have that you matter and that when you seek Him, and seek to please Him...He finds great pleasure in observing your day-to-day life, and communing with you in everything that concerns you! He is SO near!

(05/09/15) - David And Goliath

Today's video is simply a "rough reading" from 1 Samuel 16 & 17 of the anointing of young King David and the account of his battle with Goliath.


One of the biggest weaknesses of today's "believers" is they're lack of time spent in the "Handbook" of their Faith! If someone were about to HAVE to cross a canyon with only a rope, and there was an instruction manual that described a SAFE manner of doing it...they'd probably consume that handbook!! Same thing if they HAD to conduct a surgery - on themselves, they would likely dig up EVERYTHING they could find that would insure they made no mistakes and that they actually knew what they were doing...and yet when someone accepts the Free Gift of Eternal Life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, they often join a church, a committee and start to give a weekly offering and just assume they have everything taken care of - and even if they did have an actual Salvation experience, life in this world, as a "Christian" can be a real drag if you don't know who you are and what you have!

In today's video we'll briefly discuss the value of knowing God's Word, and the benefits He longs to lavish on us as His adopted sons and daughters - in this life and in the life to come. WE HAVE BEEN BORN OF THE SPIRIT...we must now learn to walk according to the Spirit. And one of the beauties of walking in the Spirit is illuminating the Way for those still in the dark!

(05/07/15) - THE LOVE OF CHRIST

If we could only get our heads and our hearts wrapped around - even the basics of the Love of Christ, we would be forever transformed! Today Sally shares from Ephesians Chapter 3, where Paul describes the necessity of us living in that Love. It's not gonna be our works, or our dedication or even our signs and miracles (should we produce them) that will draw the prisoners to the Freedom that we possess...but it WILL be our display of the Love that has no comparison in this world's system. We are not of this world (NOTW) - but with the Love of Christ, we can change this world...for Him.


In 1 Corinthians, the first chapter, Paul tells us how this message that we're supposed to share is actually foolishness to those who are on the broad path to destruction. I wonder if that is why sometimes we feel embarrassed or ashamed to bring it up to others? The most important thing we know...yet knowing that as real as it is, it will likely be considered foolish to those I share it with—UNLESS that one I'm sharing with has been called by the Holy Spirit! Then, we're literally sharing the power of God to save someone's soul from everlasting death!

Today we share a personal prayer request for someone God has obviously sent us to, who is finding the message of the Cross very inviting, but they still just don't "get it" yet. We are sure they're about to and we're calling on you to join with us in the prayer and we look forward to sharing the results, and maybe even the testimony from this 94 year old man after he's born again! The Wonderful Cross!

PLEASE share this 8 minute video with a friend who prays... We're doing battle in the spiritual world, and we can taste the victory!

(05/05/15) -WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS THAN THEIR ETERNAL DESTINY? The society we live in is cleverly agitated by the Name of Jesus, or even talk about Him. Do we think that's a coincidence? Open up a conversation, even a serious one about Mohammad, Buddha or even God the Father and some might roll their eyes, but seldom will anyone walk away or begin to avoid your company, but bring the historical figure and point of origin of our Gregorian Calendar into the conversation, "Jesus Christ..." and notice the air suck out of the room! There is no other Name by which man can be saved! —Acts 4:12

In today's video we'll read from 1 Peter 3 about the delay of Christ's return. St. Peter tells us He's only waiting out of Love and Patience so that no one has to be left behind. How tragic to think that we've received this wonderful news of a new, never-ending life of freedom, Peace, and Love and yet Christ delays His return because we're not telling others about it!

As Peter said in the beginning of the 3rd chapter, Let's stir up that fire within us and strive to live holy lives and spend the rest of our lives proclaiming the Good News...Jesus Saves!

(05/04/15) - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
If you're faith is in the sacrifice made on your behalf and the blood shed for your redemption - THEN YOU'RE A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!

Please join us for today's video as we look at Hebrews 10:19-25, and encourage each other to live the life of "King's Kids!"


(05/03/15 -Afternoon Entry) - In Matthew Chapter 7, toward the end Jesus plainly told us that the pathway to Heaven is NARROW! He also said that there would be few who actually enter it, but that the broad way leading to hell would be heavily traveled—by not only the wicked, but also by many who thought they were doing the right things—those who are deceived! Many will say, "Lord, Lord, look at how good we've been" but the Master will say to them, "Depart from me, I never knew you!"

VERY Hard words...but the words are from the ONLY One who even claims to offer eternal life! In today's video we'll discuss more Scripture, along with this in Matthew, that will offer Biblical insight on how we can be secure in the most important question anyone will ever face, "Am I going to Heaven when I die?"


We're living in a society of self-help, and self-reward. Anytime someone starts to feel insufficiency, need or conviction the world is right there with a "pain-killer" in the form of comfort food, new clothes, stimulants or depressants. The lost don't need to be told they're lost...they need to see "The Way."

"Lord, fall on us today! Cause us to humble ourselves and really pray. To seek Your Face, and to turn from our own selfish, wicked ways." "Break our hearts for the lost. We (I) may be the only person who will cross his or her path before they meet their maker. The devil will be there offering comfort - will I?"

(05/01/15) - There is no better time than Right NOW as you read this blog entry, to come into the presence of the Lord of Heaven's Armies! NOTHING can stop us except the perception we get of ourselves for believing the enemy rather than our Heavenly Father. I have been declared righteous! God said it, I didn't! The devil will always have something of my past to remind me of, whether it is from this morning or when I was 10 years old...that is his job - but I am told to resist him and he will flee.

We choose to enter into Your wonderful courts, even now Most High LORD of Heaven's Armies. For better is one day here than a thousand elsewhere!!!

Check out today's (Friday 05/01/15) video as we share Psalm 84, and why in His House is the only place for us!

(04/30/15) - Most of us can quote, and sometimes rant 2 Chronicles 7:14, but if we look at it carefully it wasn't material for preaching as much as it was for applying.

"Lord, help me today, to humble myself and begin to really pray...to seek Your Face and turn from any of my ways that are not righteous (wicked ways!) Then, we trust Your Word that You will hear us—from Heaven, forgive us of our sins...and heal our land!

Thank you for watching, and we love your comments!

(04/29/15) - When Jesus was evaluating one of the churches in the book of Revelation, He told the church to "Return to your first Love or else I will come and remove My candle from your lamp-stand!" Very tough Words and very convicting of the heart, should we actually think back to when we first accepted Christ and sang that haunting hymn, "I Surrender ALL!"

Today we'll touch on Psalm 50, focusing on verse 14 where God told His children—amidst all they did for Him—what He really wanted from them...and from us.

We believe that we, His church actually hold the keys to revival! We keep praying for God to send revival and the whole while He plainly told us, "Repent, and return to our First Love...." That alone will initiate revival in OUR heart, and spill over to someone else, and someone else... Revival is what we must see, Let's seek Our God's Face and share His Love to this lost and dying world—while we still have time!

(04/28/15) - There's a lot of talk about the economy today, but what economy? If we're talking about the economy of the United States—especially as defined in the past century it's not good…whether it is perceived as bad…or good!

Today we'll read what Jesus had to say about OUR economy, as His disciples. According to the Word of God we should be buying and selling with a whole different currency than when we were without Christ. The currency He describes is completely secure no matter the state of Wall Street and no one can take it from you.

Jesus didn't suggest, but rather He required that we die to this old life, and begin doing business in the Kingdom of God. The map He laid out has us beginning eternal life the minute we surrender to Him…not when we take our last breath

Join us today as we encourage each other to set our sights on things above, and place our hope in things eternal—today! We've heard the old saying, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life…" well, that really makes sense if we see TODAY, as the first day of the rest of our eternity.

(04/27/15) - Together, let's look at one of the last prayers our Lord prayed before being taken to trial and sacrificing Himself for us. His greatest concern for His beloved "friends" was for their unity and spiritual well-being in His absence. Interestingly He very clearly and personally included you and me in this very prayer, when He included EVERYONE who would believe the Word His disciples would deliver! Join us in the 17th chapter of John as we read together and discuss this moving prayer from the Son to His Father, and our Father.

(04/26/15) - CREDIBILITY...

Reading through the beginning of the book of Acts can be very convicting. The young believers' lives left no room whatsoever for doubt that they had experienced SOMETHING! Something that caused their society make a decision about them... ("And all were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, "What does this mean?" But others mocking said, "They are filled with new wine." —Acts 2:12-13)

These are perilous times, at best. Our gentle demeanor and church attendance is not enough to draw man to the Cross. The Holy Spirit longs to transform us, with no regard to our flesh, to the men and women we already are in the Father's eyes. The Word indicates a radical change in priorities, interests and activities once we "surrender our lives to Christ." I think I've spent long enough holding on to the comfortable securities of my life—there is a fire in our hearts to let go of everything in this life in order to experience and demonstrate the transforming power of the shed Blood that SAVED us.

"Lord, show me what it is You want to do with my life. Open my eyes as I open Your Word, and cause me to see the contrast between Your will and the agenda of my flesh. 'I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back...no turning back!'" —Galatians 5:16-18

(04/25/15) - "We're told in Hebrews that we are Sanctified or according to the New Living Translation, 'Perfect!' by the sacrifice of Christ! That's a pretty bold statement, but it qualifies itself buy completing, 'those who are being made holy.'"

Am I being made holy? On a daily basis can I recognize ways the Father is purging me and making me more and more like Christ? We are His workmanship! Let's look together at how this perfection works...by looking at our lives and asking God to take control and begin making us holy - so other folks will know we belong to HIM!!!

(04/24/15) - "Lord, has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?" (Acts 1:6b)

Even after walking with Jesus for 3 years, watching Him heal folks, set them free from outrageous bondages and even raise some from the dead...EVEN AFTER He Himself raised from the dead, the disciples still couldn't get their focus off the riches of THIS WORLD! "NOW will You restore our kingdom?"

When the disciples asked the risen Savior if they were about to be prospered...Jesus turned the conversation back to the Spiritual and told them to WAIT! Wait until the Father endows them with Power from on High, that they might be effective witnesses...throughout the world! All of them but one were killed for their Faith, after leading victorious, but very hard lives! But receive the Promise THEY DID!!! Continue reading throughout the book of Acts and we'll get a clearer picture of OUR mission.

The restoration of the Kingdom is secure...no worries! Read to the end of Revelation! Getting there is not what most think - or for that matter, it's not what many preach. But the Power to endure and overcome this world and all of it's deceptive, fallen snares is promised to those who'll count the cost, take up their cross and follow Him. —LET'S GO!

(04/23/15) - It's not so much a matter of "getting out there and telling everybody about the Lord" so I'll be a better Christian...it's more like; "He's made me a better Christian—now I can't help but get our there and tell others about what all He's done for me!"

Join us as we share Psalm 40 in the New Living Translation and see if we can't get this horse back in front of the cart where he belongs! Thank you so much for joining us...we pray you're blessed!

(04/22/15) - Imagine if that ONE, biggest prayer were answered today. Think about the Joy and confidence it would instill in your walk. Think how effortlessly we would be praising and thanking Him as we looked at the fruit of our supplications...

Today - God calls me to walk in that very same mindset, amidst my need, my heartache and my lack! He tells me I am no more "accepted" by Him in the showers of blessings than I am in the pits of despair. After all, it was during his stoning that Stephen saw Christ standing at the right hand of the Father, and it was on death row that the apostle Paul penned much of the New Testament.

God LOVES me! When I desire Him, He accepts me just as I am—and wherever that finds me, in abundance or in lack...I AM RICH, because I have been approved by the Most High God!

(04/21/15) - It's easy for "arm-chair Christians" to talk about the obvious problems in the Church today, and most of us would agree She doesn't hold a very striking likeness of the family of believers in the New Testament...but we believe the same Jesus who inspired and transformed the original disciples is living today, and the Word declares that He sent the Holy Spirit to make it even better for us than it was for those who walked with Him 2015 years ago. We believe it's time we call on that promise! Let us rekindle the flames of passion for God in our hearts and delve into the Word of God - together and seek the Power from on high that we might be His witnesses...before it's too late for those dying in this lost and selfish society.

(04/20/15) - It is interesting to me that so many Christians will be quick to tell you they believe the Word of God is true, and that it is God inspired and yet so many of those same believers will admit they only hope that their eternal destination is heaven! The Word of God tells us we can know we are His. Indeed, (as we discuss daily in the videos,) we can not only know by the Word of God that we are truly saved, but we will also begin to get daily assurances from those around us that we "...just aren't the same as we used to be" once we stop relying on a prayer we said long ago, and instead begin to relinquish our lives to the risen Savior and surrender to His Lordship in our lives.

From experience, Sally & I can both attest that the Christian life (or what many consider the Christian life) is a real drag for those who aren't fully committed. It is just a bunch of "do's and don't's" that keep you from fully engaging in the worldly life of carnal pleasures—while at the same time feeling frowned upon by the church-folk who wonder why we're not more interested in Bible study, ministering to the lost and sharing our testimony!  Even Jesus said He would rather we be either "hot or cold" toward the Faith... because those who are "lukewarm" are literally disgusting to Him.

In today's video we'll discuss how God's wonderful, incomprehensible, even scandelous Grace not only covers all of our sin, but it will transform who we are at the very core of our lives. Only then can we boldly walk forward into each new trial and opportunity to see how we can bring Him Glory, whether through the blessings of being used for His Kingdom, or by suffering for Christ's sake. These things only make sense to the Spirit-filled believer. If it doesn't make sense to you...PLEASE don't take offense!  Rather, let's look together into God's Word, and prayerfully offer our old lives up to Him that we may die to the past and experience new life in Christ. The Real life of God's marvelous Grace!

(04/19/15) - How literally are we to take the Bible? Isn't it interesting, in a world of self-help, higher education and achieving our dreams that we as Christians would even ask that question? It's called the Word of God and yet we try to allegorize, simplify and adapt—sometimes even the words in red—to make them easier to take!

In today's video we go over some of those words in red. The words in black are no less the Word of God, however the ones in red are actual quotes from Immanuel, Himself...that leaves little room for opinion, editorial or exemption. Nonetheless, they are hard to swallow! Let's hold one another closely and welcome the Holy Spirit as we re-visit some of the most basics of the New Testament Christian Life and work to encourage each other to embark on a selfless life that will actually show Him our Love for Him by obeying those words. We are SO glad to be discipled along with you, and we eagerly await your comments and responses. In Christ, we are those whom "He hath perfected..." we know this because we are being sanctified!
"For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified." —Hebrews 10:14 KJV
"For by that one offering he forever made perfect those who are being made holy."—Hebrews 10:14 NLT

(04/18/15 sally & terry) - We will be beginning a daily blog here in the next week or two, which will always have the latest entry here at the top of the string, with the current entry always being printable. Videos will be uploaded regularly as we work our way toward "Live Broadcasts" featuring guests, guest speakers and testimonies.

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