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(05/01/15) - There is no better time than Right NOW as you read this blog entry, to come into the presence of the Lord of Heaven's Armies! NOTHING can stop us except the perception we get of ourselves for believing the enemy rather than our Heavenly Father. I have been declared righteous! God said it, I didn't! The devil will always have something of my past to remind me of, whether it is from this morning or when I was 10 years old...that is his job - but I am told to resist him and he will flee.

We choose to enter into Your wonderful courts, even now Most High LORD of Heaven's Armies. For better is one day here than a thousand elsewhere!!!

Check out today's (Friday 05/01/15) video as we share Psalm 84, and why in His House is the only place for us!


We Love You in Christ,
Sally & Terry

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(04/30/15) - Most of us can quote, and sometimes rant 2 Chronicles 7:14, but if we look at it carefully it wasn't material for preaching as much as it was for applying.

"Lord, help me today, to humble myself and begin to really pray...to seek Your Face and turn from any of my ways that are not righteous (wicked ways!) Then, we trust Your Word that You will hear us—from Heaven, forgive us of our sins...and heal our land!

Thank you for watching, and we love your comments!

(04/29/15) - When Jesus was evaluating one of the churches in the book of Revelation, He told the church to "Return to your first Love or else I will come and remove My candle from your lamp-stand!" Very tough Words and very convicting of the heart, should we actually think back to when we first accepted Christ and sang that haunting hymn, "I Surrender ALL!"

Today we'll touch on Psalm 50, focusing on verse 14 where God told His children—amidst all they did for Him—what He really wanted from them...and from us.

We believe that we, His church actually hold the keys to revival! We keep praying for God to send revival and the whole while He plainly told us, "Repent, and return to our First Love...." That alone will initiate revival in OUR heart, and spill over to someone else, and someone else... Revival is what we must see, Let's seek Our God's Face and share His Love to this lost and dying world—while we still have time!

(04/28/15) - There's a lot of talk about the economy today, but what economy? If we're talking about the economy of the United States—especially as defined in the past century it's not good…whether it is perceived as bad…or good!

Today we'll read what Jesus had to say about OUR economy, as His disciples. According to the Word of God we should be buying and selling with a whole different currency than when we were without Christ. The currency He describes is completely secure no matter the state of Wall Street and no one can take it from you.

Jesus didn't suggest, but rather He required that we die to this old life, and begin doing business in the Kingdom of God. The map He laid out has us beginning eternal life the minute we surrender to Him…not when we take our last breath

Join us today as we encourage each other to set our sights on things above, and place our hope in things eternal—today! We've heard the old saying, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life…" well, that really makes sense if we see TODAY, as the first day of the rest of our eternity.

(04/27/15) - Together, let's look at one of the last prayers our Lord prayed before being taken to trial and sacrificing Himself for us. His greatest concern for His beloved "friends" was for their unity and spiritual well-being in His absence. Interestingly He very clearly and personally included you and me in this very prayer, when He included EVERYONE who would believe the Word His disciples would deliver! Join us in the 17th chapter of John as we read together and discuss this moving prayer from the Son to His Father, and our Father.

(04/26/15) - CREDIBILITY...

Reading through the beginning of the book of Acts can be very convicting. The young believers' lives left no room whatsoever for doubt that they had experienced SOMETHING! Something that caused their society make a decision about them... ("And all were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, "What does this mean?" But others mocking said, "They are filled with new wine." —Acts 2:12-13)

These are perilous times, at best. Our gentle demeanor and church attendance is not enough to draw man to the Cross. The Holy Spirit longs to transform us, with no regard to our flesh, to the men and women we already are in the Father's eyes. The Word indicates a radical change in priorities, interests and activities once we "surrender our lives to Christ." I think I've spent long enough holding on to the comfortable securities of my life—there is a fire in our hearts to let go of everything in this life in order to experience and demonstrate the transforming power of the shed Blood that SAVED us.

"Lord, show me what it is You want to do with my life. Open my eyes as I open Your Word, and cause me to see the contrast between Your will and the agenda of my flesh. 'I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back...no turning back!'" —Galatians 5:16-18

(04/25/15) - "We're told in Hebrews that we are Sanctified or according to the New Living Translation, 'Perfect!' by the sacrifice of Christ! That's a pretty bold statement, but it qualifies itself buy completing, 'those who are being made holy.'"

Am I being made holy? On a daily basis can I recognize ways the Father is purging me and making me more and more like Christ? We are His workmanship! Let's look together at how this perfection works...by looking at our lives and asking God to take control and begin making us holy - so other folks will know we belong to HIM!!!

(04/24/15) - "Lord, has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?" (Acts 1:6b)

Even after walking with Jesus for 3 years, watching Him heal folks, set them free from outrageous bondages and even raise some from the dead...EVEN AFTER He Himself raised from the dead, the disciples still couldn't get their focus off the riches of THIS WORLD! "NOW will You restore our kingdom?"

When the disciples asked the risen Savior if they were about to be prospered...Jesus turned the conversation back to the Spiritual and told them to WAIT! Wait until the Father endows them with Power from on High, that they might be effective witnesses...throughout the world! All of them but one were killed for their Faith, after leading victorious, but very hard lives! But receive the Promise THEY DID!!! Continue reading throughout the book of Acts and we'll get a clearer picture of OUR mission.

The restoration of the Kingdom is secure...no worries! Read to the end of Revelation! Getting there is not what most think - or for that matter, it's not what many preach. But the Power to endure and overcome this world and all of it's deceptive, fallen snares is promised to those who'll count the cost, take up their cross and follow Him. —LET'S GO!

(04/23/15) - It's not so much a matter of "getting out there and telling everybody about the Lord" so I'll be a better Christian...it's more like; "He's made me a better Christian—now I can't help but get our there and tell others about what all He's done for me!"

Join us as we share Psalm 40 in the New Living Translation and see if we can't get this horse back in front of the cart where he belongs! Thank you so much for joining us...we pray you're blessed!

(04/22/15) - Imagine if that ONE, biggest prayer were answered today. Think about the Joy and confidence it would instill in your walk. Think how effortlessly we would be praising and thanking Him as we looked at the fruit of our supplications...

Today - God calls me to walk in that very same mindset, amidst my need, my heartache and my lack! He tells me I am no more "accepted" by Him in the showers of blessings than I am in the pits of despair. After all, it was during his stoning that Stephen saw Christ standing at the right hand of the Father, and it was on death row that the apostle Paul penned much of the New Testament.

God LOVES me! When I desire Him, He accepts me just as I am—and wherever that finds me, in abundance or in lack...I AM RICH, because I have been approved by the Most High God!

(04/21/15) - It's easy for "arm-chair Christians" to talk about the obvious problems in the Church today, and most of us would agree She doesn't hold a very striking likeness of the family of believers in the New Testament...but we believe the same Jesus who inspired and transformed the original disciples is living today, and the Word declares that He sent the Holy Spirit to make it even better for us than it was for those who walked with Him 2015 years ago. We believe it's time we call on that promise! Let us rekindle the flames of passion for God in our hearts and delve into the Word of God - together and seek the Power from on high that we might be His witnesses...before it's too late for those dying in this lost and selfish society.

(04/20/15) - It is interesting to me that so many Christians will be quick to tell you they believe the Word of God is true, and that it is God inspired and yet so many of those same believers will admit they only hope that their eternal destination is heaven! The Word of God tells us we can know we are His. Indeed, (as we discuss daily in the videos,) we can not only know by the Word of God that we are truly saved, but we will also begin to get daily assurances from those around us that we "...just aren't the same as we used to be" once we stop relying on a prayer we said long ago, and instead begin to relinquish our lives to the risen Savior and surrender to His Lordship in our lives.

From experience, Sally & I can both attest that the Christian life (or what many consider the Christian life) is a real drag for those who aren't fully committed. It is just a bunch of "do's and don't's" that keep you from fully engaging in the worldly life of carnal pleasures—while at the same time feeling frowned upon by the church-folk who wonder why we're not more interested in Bible study, ministering to the lost and sharing our testimony!  Even Jesus said He would rather we be either "hot or cold" toward the Faith... because those who are "lukewarm" are literally disgusting to Him.

In today's video we'll discuss how God's wonderful, incomprehensible, even scandelous Grace not only covers all of our sin, but it will transform who we are at the very core of our lives. Only then can we boldly walk forward into each new trial and opportunity to see how we can bring Him Glory, whether through the blessings of being used for His Kingdom, or by suffering for Christ's sake. These things only make sense to the Spirit-filled believer. If it doesn't make sense to you...PLEASE don't take offense!  Rather, let's look together into God's Word, and prayerfully offer our old lives up to Him that we may die to the past and experience new life in Christ. The Real life of God's marvelous Grace!

(04/19/15) - How literally are we to take the Bible? Isn't it interesting, in a world of self-help, higher education and achieving our dreams that we as Christians would even ask that question? It's called the Word of God and yet we try to allegorize, simplify and adapt—sometimes even the words in red—to make them easier to take!

In today's video we go over some of those words in red. The words in black are no less the Word of God, however the ones in red are actual quotes from Immanuel, Himself...that leaves little room for opinion, editorial or exemption. Nonetheless, they are hard to swallow! Let's hold one another closely and welcome the Holy Spirit as we re-visit some of the most basics of the New Testament Christian Life and work to encourage each other to embark on a selfless life that will actually show Him our Love for Him by obeying those words. We are SO glad to be discipled along with you, and we eagerly await your comments and responses. In Christ, we are those whom "He hath perfected..." we know this because we are being sanctified!
"For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified." —Hebrews 10:14 KJV
"For by that one offering he forever made perfect those who are being made holy."—Hebrews 10:14 NLT

(04/18/15 sally & terry) - We will be beginning a daily blog here in the next week or two, which will always have the latest entry here at the top of the string, with the current entry always being printable. Videos will be uploaded regularly as we work our way toward "Live Broadcasts" featuring guests, guest speakers and testimonies.

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